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Avital Zeisler is a world-renowned hand-to-hand combat expert, published author, and wellness coach who has transformed women from all walks of life. This includes everyone from Hollywood actors like Amanda Seyfried and Keri Russell, to corporate executives, and those struggling to overcome trauma.  Avital began her exploration of self-defense to overcome the trauma associated with experiencing violence and sexual assault. After studying abroad and teaching self-defense, Avital consulted with neuroscientists, military personnel, law enforcement officials, security specialists, psychologists, and victims of abuse from around the world.  Avital's dedication to helping others prevent, survive and overcome the trauma associated with violence and sexual assault led her to create The Soteria Method®—a unique practice of self-defense, fitness, and self-discovery for women that arms practitioners with the tools to create, live, and protect a life they love.  Over the years, Avital's mission of inspiring others to embrace a holistic approach to self-defense has led to her recognition as a globally sought after personal security consultant and celebrity self-defense and fitness trainer. Avital is a Penguin Random House author and has shared her unique fusion of fitness and striking in her first book, Weapons of Fitness®. She is also a keynote speaker and has addressed thousands of people spreading her message of health, safety, and performance psychology. She has been featured on media outlets worldwide including The New York Times, GLAMOUR, ELLE, The Sunday Times and is a recurring security segment consultant for Fox News, Good Morning America, and the Today Show. She also does combat movement consulting for film/television and has prepared actors for shows including The Americans (FX), The Blacklist (NBC), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (ABC), and more.  Over the past couple of years, Avital's career has expanded into the technology sector. Her gateway to the industry was the development of her first product (a safety compliance software) and she now holds the position as a co-founder of a tech start-up as she continues on her mission of advocating for the safety and wellness of others.



Personal Security

Learn the most simple and effective tactics for personal security. Avital's unique approach to becoming a Hard Target has been developed over the past decade and has saved lives. Her program is available through the Soteria Safety Curricula and can be experiened in high schools, colleges, corporations and community groups.

Health & Wellness

Avital's approach to wellness encompasses a fusion of fitness, meditation, and mindset training so that one can experience a deep-rooted change in behavior. You can experience Avital's 6 week training program to begin your journey or fill out the contact form to book a consultation on which program would be best for you.

Trauma Recovery

Originating from her own experience of overcoming the trauma associated with sexual assault, Avital has developed a unique approach in helping victims overcome trauma in a positive and authentic way. To begin your journey, please fill out our contact form.


The Soteria Method®

The Soteria Method® offers an exclusive corporate, college and high school safety program. This unique experience is delivered through a licensed software designed by The Soteria Method®. 

Strike with Avital®

Strike With Avital® is the signature online training program that offers simple and effective self-defense, fitness and empowerment training solutions. This program is available to the general public.

Weapons of Fitness®

Weapons of Fitness® is Avital's first book published by Penguin Random House. This book was written to help and inspire others to begin their journey of creating, living and protecting a life they love. 

"I believe that every woman should learn the secrets behind Avital's training method."

Amanda Seyfried, Actress


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